Library Furniture and Stationary

Procuring the standard library furniture is not a problem nowadays. Some firms are specialising on it.

Indian Firms

  • M/s. Mehra and Company
    2120, Bahadurgarh Road
    (Opposite Deputy Ganj)
    DELHI-110 006



  • M/s. PIK Engineers Pvt. Ltd (Branches in: New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai)
    ‘Srinivas Nirmitee’,
    40B/1-A, Bhau Patil Road, Bopodi,
    PUNE-411 003Phone: (020) 581 6023
    Fax: (020) 581 3350




  • M/s. Standard Library Service
    4/9, Aasf Ali Road
    NEW DELHI-110 002
    Phone no.’s: (011) 3276334, 3260267
    FAX: (011) 3276334  

Online Traders


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