ISL-LINK [Indian School Library Link]

An e-mail message service ISL-LINK (Indian School Library Link) has launched recently to connect School Librarians across the country and abroad.

This will act as a discussion forum and professional information sharing platform.


The School Library professionals in India are unorganized. There are no professional bodies to cater their needs. The pathetic image of the librarians in the schools are the creation of the librarians them selves. This condition is due to the lack of professionalism in the field. In the ever changing information scenario where Library 2.0 and Web 2.0 are the catch words, the traditional librarians have been forced to be more narrow in their outlook due to the lack of right information at right time. ISL-LINK addresses this problem.

How ?

A huge quantity of information is available online. The online searching patterns of each individual is different.When you search internet for a particular information, you have been coming across a number of sites, blogs, wikis, multimedia,etc. Some may be useful for you and some may be useful for the nearby larger community, i.e.,the group of fellow Librarians.They can use that information for their students or teachers.Just tell about your finding to your friends. You can share that information which may be a link to a website, a document or a multimedia presentation through ISL-LINK.

Just like if you couldn’t find a particular information about something (website, book, online resource or anything) ask your professional friends about that through this group ISL-LINK.

You can also start discussions by sending questions or views to the group ISL-LINK.

What you need to do is just e-mail that to

You will get e-mails of all conversations exchanged between the group members. You can send a reply, participate in a discussion or simply read the message.

Remember that, All your messages to ISL-LINK will reach the group members immediately. They can respond to your mails at the same speed. If your user is asking for an information that you couldn’t find online or offline just mail that question to ISL-LINK. May one member of the group could send you the answer.

The ultimate aim of ISL-LINK is professional development through collaboration or networking.

The Group url is

So, join the group ISL-LINK . Be well connected and informed School Librarian.