Boys into Books


Boys into Books 11-14Boys into Books 11–14.pdf

Boys into Books 11-14Boys into Books 11–14.pdf

Making the boys read is a big task in school libraries. Most of the regular visitors of a school library are girls. These two books study in detail and presents practical suggestions that help to convert the reluctant reader into a avid reader.

Published by School Library Association, UK

Everyone’s Reading 11-18 Reading List


School Library Association (SLA), UK released Everyone’s Reading 11-18 reading list in their Riveting Reads plus series.

This is a very useful and interesting Reading list which mainly caters English books.

Anyway we can use it for selecting some books for our libraries.

“Eileen Armstrong has compiled this extensive list which was commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, and includes an introduction by Alec Williams. The booklist contains around 260 titles young people from 11 to 18 will enjoy, arranged by catchy themes such as "Boggle" and "Indulge". The list contains material for boys and for girls, for reluctant and struggling readers, for students learning English as an additional language, and some titles to interest older students. The introduction includes lots of ideas and practical suggestions for schools to help instil a reading culture, and to encourage reading amongst those less enthusiastic and less able students. Written by Alec Williams, it provides 18 pages of comprehensive advice on how to use the booklist, general ideas about promoting reading for pleasure, how to reach specific target groups, and evaluating what you have done.

There will be a book-gifting scheme associated with Everyone’s Reading 11-18, which will launch in the autumn – state secondary schools in England will be entitled to 15 books from the list. Meanwhile you can download copies of the list at