When we subscribe a foreign Journal or book

Many of good quality books on science, humanities and literature have been published in foregn countries.

When we purchase journals such as Time, Newsweek and National Geographic the price of the journal will be in Dollar or Pounds.Same is the case of books.

The foreign exchage rates varies day by day. It will make problems to libraries and book publishers. To tackle this problem Good Office Committe(GOC) is formed.They fix exchange rates of foreign currencies in every three months.

Good Office Committee

The Good Office Committee is a voluntary organization formed to establish uniform terms of book supplies to libraries, and to ensure a fair working margin to booksellers and an efficient service to the libraries. The Committee meets at regular intervals and after taking into consideration the fluctuations in the currency rates decides on the rates of conversion governing sale of books and periodicals. These rates are widely circulated amongst the libraries all over India either directly or through booksellers. This helped to dispense with the need for the cumbersome procedure of inviting tenders for a diverse product like Books. Is has not only facilitated procurement of books by libraries but has also helped book lovers and others to meet their requirement of books smoothly.

The Good Office Committee has been in existence for more than 30 years and a pattern for fixing exchange rates of currencies from time to time has been in existence all through. However, there has been a crisis in the Good Office Committees since a new team of office bearers of Indian Library Association (ILA) took over from April 2000. Since then, the Federation has been making all possible efforts to sort out the problem faced.

The Federation continued to pursue the matter with the Govt. of India as it has been felt all along that there should be nominee from the Government on GOC to impart sanctity to the committee and give it much needed credibility. As a result of our efforts, the Department of Culture, Govt. of India, convened a meeting on 30th April, 2003 on the issues relating to GOC which was attended by several important librarians including three former Presidents of ILA (however, representatives from the then current ILA committee did not attend). All of them said that GOC is necessary; it has relevance, and that it should continue. Shri Jayakumar, Joint Secretary, Department of Culture, who chaired the meeting agreed to give a nominee in the committee. In the minutes of the aforesaid meeting (circulated by the Department of Culture) a clear directive had been given to the Federation to go ahead with the reconstruction of the GOC and ask for the Government nominee in the committee. In pursuance of this, the Federation convened a meeting (13th June, 2003), AT New Delhi, which was attended by a number of librarians and several members of the book industry. To make further progress in the matter, it was postponed to have another meeting as soon as possible at which the then President, ILA should also be present. However, as he regretted his inability to attend the meeting because of personal problems and advised that we should involve, for our support, one or two office bearers of the ILA at Delhi (named by him) who were stated to be well aware of GOC. However, there was no response from the other side to the efforts made by us accordingly.

Pending resolution of the issue with the librarians, the Federation, in consultation with affiliated Associations as also important members of the trade, are presently announcing the Book Industry’s own conversion rates.

Federation of Publishers & Book-Sellers Association of India

The libraries can find the current information on GOC Rates on the Association’s website.