Class Libraries

Primary children need special care 










These are libraies for Primary Classes i.e.,Class One to Five


In schools, the main library is generally meant for secondary and Higher Secondary students. It is because there is not enough periods fot accomodating primary children.

So Class librraies are formed.Here the library goes to the class.Every Class has its own library.


Class library system is followed in many schools with slight variations.

In Kendriya Vidyalayas

The Library Policy for Kendriya Vidyalayas, 2007 and CMP for Qualitative improvement of the Primary Education articulate that the Class libraries will be under the charge of class teachers. The class teacher will get books from the main library, which will be in accordance with the standard and interest of the age group of the children of the class concerned. They should be attractively displayed in modulated cupboards having aluminium frame and transparent acrylic sheet cover.

The teacher would maintain a register regarding the issue of books to the students so that he/she can keep track of the books read and students are not given books they have already read.

The class teacher will ensure that every pupil in the class maintains a notebook in which the name of the book read, its author and a brief account of the content is recorded.

The selection of books for the class libraries will also be done by a committee comprising of H.M., Librarian, Class teacher, two other teachers and two students who will be nominated by the principal.